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Before the current Virgo 5 month period was the Capricorn 5 month period.  The Dow Jones (DJ) peaked in early May 2015 and bottomed at the very end of August but remained very low in September.  This May to September period appropriately coincides with this 5 month dour Capricorn period.[i]  A 5 month Virgo period replaced Capricorn in October 2015[ii] when the markets commenced its recovery – which was completed by early November.  Early November saw another significant but short term fall bottoming on 9 November.  There are smaller periods than 5 month periods, and taking into accounts these smaller blips, November was much stronger in Virgo than surrounding months.  The DJ indices, at the end of 2015, though slightly lower than earlier in 2015, seems to be going sideways as was the case before the recent Capricorn five months period.

DJ 2015 YTD

Yahoo Interactive Stock Chart

As I previously stated in “Any More Bubbles Need Bursting?”,[iii] the Virgo 5 month period was a bubble buster because Virgo is opposite the sign of economic bubbles – Pisces.  However, our understanding of Virgo can be taken a little further.  In a Pisces period, everyone is egging the markets up creating a bubble because everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and not miss out.  In a Virgo period, it is the opposite, everyone is critically examining the evidence and data looking to drag the markets down – but based on hard evidence rather than the illusions associated with bubbles.

Despite this downward trend, a small respite may be on its way straddling December 2015 and January 2016.[iv]  This is due to a small Leo blip and Leo is good for the markets (Leo rules bull markets).  Expect a short term rally straddling December 15/January 16.  This will most likely be followed by a 2 to 3 month period (straddling somewhere in Jan to somewhere in Mar 2016) where the downside could again be the leading factor due to the remaining 5 month Virgo period passing over Cancer and Gemini blips. Cancer indicates hypersensitivity combined with Virgo’s critical element, and Gemini has always been bad for the markets. This is the first time where I have utilized 5 week blips (pico-ages).  I cannot guarantee their accuracy at this stage and so this blip analysis can be treated as research in progress and I will review the outcome in a later post.

The following table reviews how these very small blips have correlated to the markets to date and possible future inferences:

Month Year Month Year Blip 5 month
12 2014 2 2015 Gemini Gemini
2 2015 3 2015 Aries Gemini
3 2015 4 2015 Pisces Gemini
4 2015 5 2015 Aquarius Gemini
5 2015 7 2015 Capricorn Capricorn
7 2015 8 2015 Sagittarius Capricorn
8 2015 9 2015 Scorpio Capricorn
9 2015 10 2015 Libra Capricorn
10 2015 12 2015 Virgo Virgo
12 2015 1 2016 Leo Virgo
1 2016 2 2016 Cancer Virgo
2 2016 3 2016 Gemini Virgo
3 2016

Table 1 – the blips and 5 month periods in 2015 leading into 2016

The Gemini blip (Dec 2014 – Feb 2015) coincided with a DJ fall bottoming on 26 January which agrees with Gemini’s historical difficult relationship to the markets.  The Aries and Pisces blips (Feb – Apr 2015) should have been good and the DJ slowly rose to a peak in 10 May which is located in the following Aquarius blip (Apr – May 2015).  Aquarius is traditionally difficult, and the 10 May high was the beginning of the multi-month significant downturn associated with the very difficult Capricorn 5 month period. The Capricorn blip (May – July 2015) did see a minor rally in mid-July but otherwise it was downhill.  This minor rise may have been associated with the positive Sagittarius blip (Jul – Aug 2015) but overall the markets kept falling at a moderate rate.

The sharpest and greatest fall (and bottoming of the DJ) in 2015 was associated with the always difficult Scorpio blip (Aug – Sep 2015).  To put Scorpio into perspective, it ruled the 5 year period of the recent Global Recession. The Libra blip (Sep – Oct 2015) saw a rebound, though Libra is not known for strength.  It could be said that though the DJ was rising under Libra, at the end of the Libra blip, it was still significantly down for the year to date.  The Virgo blip (Oct – Dec 2015) coincides with the peak of the most powerful time of the 5 month Virgo period and the market has basically gone sideways.  The Leo blip (Dec 15 – Jan 16) is on our doorstep, so this will be a good test of these blips as it should spur a little rally.  The greatest bull market of all times was associated with Leo. The prospects for later in 2016 are very favorable for the markets as it has a 5 month Sagittarius period (Aug 16 – Jan 17) and this should be one of those upswing periods in the current 5 year Cancer period.

Interest Rates

Interest rates are another financial issue, but specifically applying to Scorpio – the sign of debt and loans, and the opposite sign to Scorpio.  Therefore the growing Taurus influence in the world suggests a hard landing for interest rate rises.  According to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard at The Telegraph, UK, US interest rate rise could trigger a global debt crisis:

“Debt ratios have reached extreme levels across all major regions of the global economy, leaving the financial system acutely vulnerable to monetary tightening by the US Federal Reserve, the world’s top financial watchdog has warned.”

With the looming rise of Taurus, there must be some expectation that a difficult interest rate scenario is on our doorstep but it will not bring the world economy to its knees as was almost the case with the recent Global Recession.  What is happening to create this problem? Since the last peak of credit in 2007, debt has now increased by 36% and unlike 2007, emerging markets have also jumped on the bandwagon in a serious way.  The unprecedented growth of credit in China is also expected to create a financial crisis if the past is any guide.  Emerging markets have borrowed an additional 1 ½ trillion dollars in recent years and this will need to be repaid.  The excess amount of USD that became available under quantitative easing (QE) has flooded the world but this process will commence reversing when US interest rates commence to rise.  Some financial experts believe that keeping interest rates artificially lower is just putting off the day of reckoning and making it worse.  The current bulge in credit due to QE is merely mortgaging more and more of the future which will have to be repaid at some time.

Though private debt has dropped since the Global Recession, public debt (governments) has increased far more.  The coming rise in interest rates may cause, at a minimum, monetary shock to many emerging economies.  Claudio Borio, head of BIS[v] economic department, stated “It is unrealistic and dangerous to expect that monetary policy can cure all the global economy’s ills” and as a final warning “If I were you, I would not start from here”.[vi]

With the Taurus 5 month period arriving in January 2016, expect financial market volatility and international financial pressure.  The coming 5 month Taurus period sits on a far more powerful 15 month stronger Taurus period[vii] that commenced in August 2015 and seriously picks up speed in March 2016.  No matter which month the US Fed raises interest rates, it is March 2016 when debt hits the fan.  This will not bring a major crisis of the size of the recent Global Recession, but it could pack a hefty punch for the good part of a year.


In my last post (Any Bubbles Need Bursting? ) I stated:

“Pisces rules the oil market so a Virgo period can be destabilizing for oil prices and countries depending upon oil”

According to the New York Times on 7 December 2015:

“The oil industry, with its history of booms and busts, is in its deepest downturn since the 1990s, if not earlier”

The oil price has basically halved in value since June 2014.  In the USA, nearly two-thirds of all oil rigs have been shut down. The recent drop in crude-oil prices may be as disruptive as the quadrupling of oil prices that created the oil shock of 1974. It should be noted that the 1974 oil shock occurred in a Virgo micro-age (1970-1985) activating yet again the Virgo-Pisces axis with Pisces the major significator for oil. According to Goldman Sachs, $1 trillion worth of investments in energy projects may be at risk due to plunging oil prices with widespread economic consequences.  On the positive side, many countries, such as such as Oman, Malaysia and Indonesia are cutting back on fuel subsidies due to low oil prices.  According to the World Bank, these subsidies are highly regressive with as much as 60% or more of what governments subsidize in the Middle East and North Africa benefitting the richest 20% of the population, with the poor receiving less than 10% of these public funds.

The current Virgo 5 month period will be followed by a strong Taurus 5 month period commencing in March 2016. Apart from possible currency crises, bank and financial institution failures, major corporate meltdowns and even negative influences from or onto the derivatives markets, Taurus is a rather tranquil and placid sign.  This should be a reasonable good economic period because Taurus is opposite in nature to the dreaded Scorpio but not all areas of the world economy will escape Taurus because of Taurus’ association to money in all its forms and guises.  Therefore, financial markets will increasingly come under pressure with the rising strength of Taurus in 2016. Falling oil prices can harm the balance sheets of major energy companies by driving down the dollar value of their oil reserves.  Many corporations have counted these as marketable assets but these reserves will become commercially unviable if oil prices stay low.  These reserves may become a new kind of “stranded asset”.  Such upheaval in corporate valuations could lead to a wave of failures, mergers and acquisitions among energy companies, transforming the structure of the industry.[viii]

What has caused the plunge in the oil price?  The USA has doubled domestic oil production over the last 6 years so established international oil producers have had to find new markets and drop their prices due to the surplus of oil.  In parallel, many economies remain weak post the Global Recession thus reducing the demand for oil.  Cars are also slowly becoming more fuel efficient.  The oil-producing countries such as Venezuela, Iran, Nigeria, Ecuador, Brazil and Russia are the major losers. Persian Gulf states have considerable financial reserves to tide them over.  In the USA, Alaska, North Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana are facing economic challenges.  It is believed by some conspiracy theorists that the USA and Saudis want to hurt Russia and Iran by lowering the oil price.  For example, plunging oil prices in the 1980s helped bring the Soviet Union to their knees.[ix]

The monopolistic practices of large oil producers is also probably in effect as the current five year Cancer period ( July 2012-June 2017 ) promotes monopolistic practices as Cancer is always associated with monopolies (monopolies behave like some giant amoeba sucking in all obstacles in its way as it grows to an enormous size).

How long will oil prices remain depressed?  Judging by the fact that as the end of 2014 approached, oil prices seriously deteriorated indicates it is associated with the current 5 year Cancer period that commenced in July 2012. Furthermore, the USA commenced doubling its oil production 6 years ago (around 2009) but our current Cancer five year period sits upon a number of larger Cancer periods. It is unlikely the current turmoil in the oil and commodities will end before June 2017 at the earliest.

Cancer can also be associated with all commodity prices in general, and has a particular negative effect upon Aries iron and steel prices as Cancer sits in the demoted 4th house position to Aries. Iron ore hit is lowest price in December 2015 since 2005.   Furthermore, all mining companies are strongly associated with Capricorn, and the current Cancer five year period is detrimental to anything associated with Capricorn.  Therefore there are a few more years of difficulty ahead for iron producers and mining companies.

Real Estate

In my previous post “Any Bubbles Need Bursting?” I stated:

“Cancer always remains the elephant in the room until Sep 2018 so anything associated with Cancer will always be in the crosshairs in this period.  Apart from China, Cancer rules real estate (and refugees).  Therefore any real estate bubble anywhere in the world is in a precarious situation commencing October 2015.  For example, the Sydney (and Melbourne), Australia real estate markets have recently seen bubble-like increase in prices partly attributed to the influx of Chinese money into the Australian real estate market.  These markets therefore are prime candidates for corrections.”

The real estate markets for both Sydney and Melbourne have pulled back from their highs since the arrival of the current 5 month Virgo period.

“After three years of solid price growth, home values in Sydney are now falling,….. Dwelling prices fell 1.4 per cent in November (2015), resulting in a 1 per cent drop over the past three months…”[x]

In an article from “Realty Today” dated 9 December 2015:

“Chinese investments are slowing down Australia in 2015.  China’s economic conditions as well as that of Australia’s property market are believed to have caused this shift in the interest of Chinese buyers for Australian real estate.  They are still there, but it is probably back 10 or 15% from where they were a year ago,”[xi]


The greatest bull market of all times, that started in the late 1980s and charged into the early 2000s, is not going to return, at least not in western nations. The world is heading towards the big contraction with western nations leading the way.  This contractive process will accelerate from 2029 onwards and it will result in a lot of disruption, change and evolution but the end result augers well.  This new contractive reality will hit western nations first (it already has commenced) because at this time in history, western nations lead the way as they have been doing for over 500 years. This is not because western nations are superior, just that they were at the right place at the right time at the beginning of the age of Aquarius in the 15th century.  In the millennia to come, other regions of the world will be at the forefront!

Not everything will contract, and there will definitely be many growth industries.  Everything to do with IT, the internet, medicine and green environmental industries will flourish.  In the short term, cities and urban areas, with all their associated infrastructure such as light rail, high speed intercity railways etc, will push ahead but rural areas will suffer. Both the drive towards clean energy and nuclear energy will increase.  Capitalism certainly will not disappear, but not-for-profits, community based organizations and government owned enterprises will experience a resurgence.  Remember, NASA is an example of a government owned enterprise. A lot of this new economy will not occur until later in the century, but the world, especially the western world, is quickly moving towards the new paradigm.  The critical demarcation point for the new world paradigm is 2059 and beyond.  The astrology of the astrological ages indicates that a better world is not only around the corner, it is already here for those with perception and personal initiative.

For detailed background information on the mechanics of macro-astrology used in this post, please refer to the “Age of Aquarius for Dummies”


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