Is the Dow Jones affected by the full moon?  I keep getting anecdotal evidence that this is the case.  However, first I must redefine the full moon.  Astrologically, the full moon is not limited to the exact moment the Moon and Sun are directly opposite, nor the zodiacal sign of the full moon which lasts only 2 ½ days.  The full moon is in play for two weeks representing the one week leading to the full moon, and the following week.  During this two week period, the Moon is more than 50% illuminated as viewed from Earth, and during this time, the sign of the full moon rules the full two week period and overrides the sign of the lunar month, which for most of December, is the Sagittarius lunar month.

Based on the following graph for the Dow Jones, the market peaked on 3rd December 2018 at 25,878.45 and tanked on 26 December 2018 at 21,729.61 points – a drop of 4,149 points or 16% fall since 3rd December.

However, the Sagittarius lunar month commenced on 7th December 2018, followed by the two week Cancer full moon (15 – 29 December 2018).  It was only a few days into this two week Cancer full moon period that the bottom seemed to disappear from under the market.  Cancer is a hypersensitive time, and perhaps Cancer full moons are invigorated by the sub-periods of the astrological ages?  Currently, the world is in the relatively potent Cancer sub-age overflow (December 2014 – November 2029) and Cancer sub-age decan overflow (December 2014 – December 2019) plus the world remains in the Cancer quasi micro-age (July 2007 – June 2022).  The period December 2014 – June 2022 is the third of a four stage process involving the full Cancer micro-age and overflow (Feb 2000 – Dec 2014 – Nov 2029) and the 3rd stage is the most potent of all four stages.  In summary, Cancer is strongly insinuated in world affairs at the present time.

We can see this Cancer involvement succinctly in two recent major developments in the world. Firstly, Brexit was based on either raciest sentiment, or predicated on a desire by many British to restrict immigrants arriving in the UK.  Cancer rules homelands, the borders and people on the move looking for a new home.  These were sensitive issues for a significant proportion of the British who voted in the Brexit referendum.  A major theme in the election of President Trump in November 2016 was his promise to build a wall on the border with Mexico to appease the strong sentiment by many Americans that they were being ‘invaded’ by Latinos.  Again, the same issues of homelands, borders and people on the move.

Interestingly, the major political issue in the USA in December 2018 was promoted by President Trump’s government shutdown as a political ploy to bully Congress into approving $5 billion for his wall along the Mexico border.  Strong Cancer issues in a strong Cancer sub-period of the Age of Aquarius under the two week umbrella of the Cancer full Moon.

Cancer does not promote market falls, but market volatility.  The over 1,000 point rebound on 26 December 2018 suggests that the market is highly volatile and (Cancer) hypersensitive.  Trump is spooking the markets by his increasingly erratic behavior.  It should be remembered that with Leo rising, president Trump’s 12th house of Self-Undoing is ruled by Cancer, and so the December 2018 Cancer full Moon period is mainly detrimental for President Trump, explaining why his erratic behavior has dramatically increased in December 2018.  Cancer only rules Trump’s 12th house if whole sign houses are utilized.

The only other issue that could be involved with the December 2018 market volatility is the five week pica ages.  If you examine the following pica age graph (I first posted in A Small Foretaste of the Approaching Malaise in October 2018), December 2018 should be under the benign influence of Sagittarius.  However, the astrological ages are the result of precession of the equinoxes, and precession is not linear, but erratic at small intervals of time. Five week pica ages are relatively small intervals of time taking into account an age is some 2,150 years long.  The error level of pica age is plus or minus one pica age.  Therefore, either the Capricorn pica age or Scorpio pica age could have intruded into December 2018.

Pica Age Ephemeris of Aquarius Nano-Age

The most interesting aspect of the December 2018 market meltdown is the possible interface between a Cancer full moon derived from the (western) tropical zodiac and Cancer sub-age and decan overflow derived from a sidereal-based zodiac associated with the zodiacal constellations.  This is not the first time this coincidence has occurred, and I intend to post on all future ‘coincidences’.


Dow Jones graph courtesy of: http://www.google.com/search?q=dow+jones+daily+graph&rlz=1C1AVFC_enAU825AU825&oq=dow+jones+daily+graph&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i64.12830j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8