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In my previous post Volatility Plus, published 8 April 2018, I stated:

…. Cancer is in the vicinity from Nov 2017 to Sep 2018 – but its strongest period is the middle 50% – the Cancer quasi nano-age decan (Feb 18 – Jul 18).”

“It can be expected that the volatility will extend to July at least (the end of the Cancer quasi-nano age)….

The following graph of the DJIA for 2018 to date depicts the market volatility subduing the markets to July, whereupon, it has broken these shackles and moved back into a serious bull market.

Dow Jones year-to-date

Where to from here?

The above graph indicates a significant change in September 2018 when the Pisces nano-age (June 2017 – September 2018) enters its overflow mode until August 2020.  This means that in September 2018, Pisces is peaking, and with Pisces the key sign for the USA and market bubbles, we should expected a mini market bubble in the months ahead.  The big question – how long will this market bubble last?  And, as usual, whenever there is a market bubble, there is usually a crash. When will the market crash and the economy wobble?

In the above graph, you will notice that we are not only on the cusp of the Pisces nano-age and Pisces nano-age overflow, but also in the middle of the Pisces quasi nano-age (Feb 2018 – April 2019).  This probably indicates the strength of the market bubble should last at least until April 2019, and especially strong until February 2019 (with the expiration of the smaller Pisces nano-age decan overflow). It could last until the end of 2019?

Pisces is always associated with market bubbles.  The length of this mini bubble depends upon the headwinds that arise to counter the bubble.  In December 2019, the Capricorn nano-age (Dec 2019 – Apr 2021) arrives.  There is no doubt, that Capricorn brings difficult conditions, and this will be very strong in the period of the 15 months Capricorn nano-age overflow commencing April 2021. It indicates a sour economic period.

The most significant ingredient within the Capricorn nano-age (Dec 2019 – Mar 2021) is the fact that it has a Virgo nano-age decan (and associated overflow).  Virgo, being opposite to Pisces, is one of the most effective bubble breakers in the zodiac.  The Virgo nano-age (Dec 2019 – May 2020) is followed by the even more powerful Virgo nano-age overflow (May 2020 – October 2020), and it is in this period that a market crash will follow the market bubble if it has not already done so.  There may be some early warning signs or crash any time from December 2019 to May 2020.

Furthermore, with the Capricorn nano-age and overflow (Dec 2019 – Apr 2021 – Jun 2022) increasing its strength, this strongly suggests  that the crash will be followed by a relatively strong downturn and will probably be classified as a major recession, though an echelon below the Global Recession 10 years ago.

The last time a similar configuration occurred was in the last Gemini micro-age which occurred in the previous Scorpio sub-age aligned with the Panic of 1857 (May 1856 – Aug 1857).  This occurred almost exactly with the start of the Capricorn nano-age and overflow (May 1856 – Aug 1857 – Nov 1858).  If it is replicated in the approaching Capricorn nano-age and overflow (Dec 2019 – Apr 2021 – Jun 2022), the adverse economic effects could even appear as early as December 2019.

The Panic of 1857 was a financial panic that spread from the UK to the USA caused by the declining international economy and over-expansion of the US domestic economy. Because of the interconnectedness of the world economy by the 1850s, the financial crisis that began in late 1857 was the first worldwide economic crisis. The financial downturn did not last long but a full recovery was not seen until the American Civil War, in 1861. The years immediately preceding the Panic of 1857 were prosperous and so many banks, merchants, and farmers seized the opportunity to take risks with their investments and as soon as market prices began to fall, they quickly began to experience the effects of financial panic.

Also of interest with this Panic of 1857 is that the Aquarius micro-age decan overflow was also in place (as it is now), and in any Aquarian period, Leo is in detriment.  Leo rules gold, and the Panic of 1857 was exacerbated because a ship bringing a much-needed shipment of gold to New York from the Californian gold fields sank with the loss of 14,000 kg (9 tons) of gold contributing to the panic of 1857.[i]  Perhaps gold is involved in some way in the current scenario?

December 2019 is also important as all nano-ages sit within 15 year micro-ages (there are 12 nano-ages in each micro-age).  Currently the world is in the Gemini micro-age (December 2014 – November 2029) and more importantly, the first micro-age decan in the Gemini micro-age is the Aquarius micro-age decan (Dec 2014 – Dec 2019).  This means that this Aquarius nano-age decan is peaking in December 2019 and then moving into its more powerful Aquarius micro-age decan overflow (December 2019 – November 2024).

Aquarius is neither good for the economy or markets because Aquarius is opposite Leo.  It was during the recent Leo micro-age (1985 – 2000) that the world experienced the greatest bull market of all times.  Therefore, during a strong Aquarius influence, we should expect some particularly strong reaction to positive market sentiments.  This is a well-known phenomenon for me in my study of macro-astrology, because whenever a sign gains strength on any level (age, sub-age, micro-age and nano-age), the norm is that just past its overflow stage, the sign ‘hits’ its opposite sign in the form of a decan.  This is the case with the approaching Aquarius nano-age decan overflow commencing in December 2019.

Sitting below the Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (Dec 2014 – Dec 2019 – Nov 2024) is the Cancer micro-age overflow (December 2014 – November 2029) and Cancer will provide some context for the coming economic turmoil.  Hyper-sensitive Cancer promotes populism, anti-authority, and the mass movement of people due to homeland difficulties resulting in the reactionary immigration controls many nations are implementing.  On the economic level, Cancer does basically the same by employing protectionism. No matter how many populace leaders and their followers criticize international free trade, the obstruction to international free trade creates lower economic activity with the associated economic turmoil.  This is where Trump is trying to push the world, and the leader of the USA has far greater influence upon the world compared to any other country.

This anti-economic influence by Trump is echoed by Brexit, where the citizens of the UK, particularly the more prejudiced older citizens, have pulled the UK out of Europe, but without reckoning with the Law of Unintended Consequences – the significant reduction in GDP that the UK will experience in the coming years and decades.  Combining this economic disaster with the disastrous economic policies of President Trump interfering with the free flow of international goods and services – the recipe for some economic stagnation is now being cooked, and there is only a small period of respite before the new and harsher international economic environment becomes a reality.

Whenever a market bubble occurs, most people cannot jump on fast enough, and usually express the delusional idea that the markets are going up forever.  However, the astrological head winds for the next few centuries suggest otherwise.  The world has been on a multi-century roller coaster ride of a gigantic economic bubble associated with the Sagittarius sub-age overflow (1791 – 1970) commencing with the Industrial Revolution and quickly followed by an unprecedented exponential worldwide population explosion.  From 1970 onward, this Sagittarius influence has coasted along merrily, and it can be expected to maintain this momentum until it hits some obstacles.

The major obstacle to Sagittarius is Gemini – its opposite sign.  The Libra sub-age (1970 – 2148) commences with a Gemini sub-age decan (1970 – 2029), which will enter its more profound overflow mode in 2029 – lasting until 2089.  This strong Gemini influence will pull the rug out under the lingering influence of Sagittarius.  It has already done some preparatory work if it was a factor with the recent Global Recession.

The world is approaching the peak of Gemini in 2029, and since 2000, entered the Gemini quasi sub-age (2000 – 2059) and the Gemini micro-age (Dec 2014 – Nov 2029).  Gemini is blowing the winds of change at ever accelerating speeds, just as tornadoes, hurricanes and cyclones are doing the same thing in the environment (which will also get worse post 2029 with the anvironmental deterioration due to climate change).  While the coming economic recession in a few years’ time will not be as strong as the Global Recession, it will be another nail in the coffin of runaway economic expansionism originating from Sagittarius.

In addition, the Scorpio sub-age (1791 – 1970), which followed the Sagittarius sub-age (1612 – 1791), is now in its more powerful overflow mode (1970 – 2148), and Scorpio always wants to ‘prune the tree’.  Scorpio is particularly strong until 2059 while the Scorpio quasi sub-age (1881 – 2059) is in effect.  Scorpio does not favor (Taurus) economic stability.

In conclusion, the current mini market bubble will soon be countered by another economic recession, which is not an ad hoc event, but part of a concerted push by Scorpio, Gemini and Aquarius to smash the multi-century economic miracle.  This anti-economic influence will reign for many decades, if not centuries, and taking into account that the Gemini sub-age decan and overflow (1970 – 2029 – 2088) overlaps the Aquarius sub-age decan and overflow (2029 –  2088 – 2148), then we can realistically predict that the coming century and a half is in reaction to the economic ‘miracle’ that the Sagittarius sub-age overflow (1791 – 1970) spawned.

However, the world is not facing disaster.  Firstly, the anti-economic influence will commence mainly in western nations, as the price for being at the ‘front of the boat’ since the arrival of modernity and the Age of Aquarius in 1433.  Western nations will lead the world into contraction – which is already occurring in the case of natural birth rates and wage growth.  Other nations are temporarily reprieved until they sufficiently catch up with the West.  Secondly, the current Libra sub-age (1970 – 2148) is leading to the crescendo of the massive Libra age decan (1433 – 2148) as it enters its more influential Libra age-decan overflow (2148 – 2863).  Libra does not indicate poverty, hardships or turmoil – it is the gentlest sign of the zodiac.  It does suggest that the world will veer away from the extreme capitalism of current times, and be more influenced by the middle path, which suggests a fairer distribution of the benefits of capitalism is heading our way – but we should expect only crumbs in our lifetimes?

Because Libra inspires balance, there will be more socialistic policies, and even Obamacare is part of this struggle for increasing social justice.  It makes no difference if, for example, the short term outlook for healthcare is positive or negative, it is the topic of conversation that is the most relevant – in the same way that slavery was a key topic of conversation in America leading up to the American Civil War. However, while the future looks bright, the path to it is strewn with obstacles and impediments, and the confluence of the approaching Aquarius sub-age decan and overflow (2029 – 2088 – 2148) with the current Scorpio sub-age overflow (1970 – 2148) suggests a rocky 21st century probably due to strong reactionary elements from both corporations and the voting base that President Trump has tapped into.

It must be remembered that we are currently in a minor Aquarius micro-age decan (Dec 2014 – Dec 2019) which is only 33% as strong as the 20th century Aquarius micro-age and overflow (1910 – 1925 – 1940) that brought the extremist marginal influences of communism and fascism to the center stage in the world.  The appearance of President Trump and a rising band of political influences around the world favoring reactionary political developments and even neo-fascism, is a small reminder of what can happen when extremist ideology temporarily takes center stage.  Unfortunately, the coming Aquarius period towards the end of this century is four times stronger than the 20th century Aquarius micro-age and overflow, and nine times stronger than the current period that brought President Trump to office.

However, there is a mitigating influence to the approaching time, the Scorpio quasi sub-age (1881 – 2059) is replaced by the Libra quasi sub-age (2059 – 2237) and, as stated previously, Libra is not orientated towards Aries violence and ‘unpleasantness’ in general.  It is very possible that the majority of extremist sentiment towards the second half of this century is more focused upon developing and third world nations that do not have entrenched principles of democracy and fair play imbedded within their societies.

In the meantime, we are at the threshold of a mini economic short term bubble where politicians will be congratulating themselves on their superior economic management.  President Trump is already claiming credit for the current positive economic conditions, but the current state of the economy is due to the ongoing and consistent improvement of economic conditions since the last Global Recession – it’s one continuum which will crash in just a few years’ time.

This post was appropriately written under the influence of the Pisces full moon (18 Aug – 3 Sep 2018) with the Pisces nano-age and overflow at its peak strength!

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