June 2017 is a month of demarcation in the international political and economic sphere.  In June 2017, the 5 year Cancer quasi micro-age decan (Jul 2012 – Jun 2017) comes to an end.  (For those not familiar with the astrological periods used in macro-astrology, see Age of Aquarius for Dummies). This Cancer period is notable as the post-Global Recession recovery period.  While Cancer is a volatile sign by nature, it is also opposite the dour sign of Capricorn, where Cancer’s positive potential for the international economic situation has been able to manifest.  This can be represented in the DJIA where the index has risen around 8500 points or a rise of almost 70% over the last 5 years.

Dow Jones Index to 30 May 2017

Figure 1

This 5 year Cancer period replaced a 5 year Scorpio quasi micro-age decan (Jul 2007 – Jul 2012) and with Scorpio a reality sign and opposite the sign of Taurus wealth, this saw the greatest recession since the Great Depression early in the 20th century.  Prior to the Scorpio quasi micro-age decan was the Pisces quasi micro-age decan (Aug 2002 – Jul 2007) with Pisces the sign of economic bubbles which the following Scorpio quasi micro-age decan burst with some savagery.  All of this occurred in the larger Cancer micro-age and overflow (2000 – 2014 – 2029) with Cancer real estate creating the source of the economic collapse through the sub-prime mortgage scandal.

The new 5 year economic paradigm comes under the sign of Aquarius due to the Aquarius quasi micro-age decan (Jun 2017 – Jun 2022) with the second part commencing December 2019 the beginning of the most potent time – will we have a Trump on steroids?  Aquarius usually brings problems to the economy and markets for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it is opposite to Leo – one of the best signs for the economy.  Secondly, Aquarius is erratic and indicates intense and radical highs and lows because Aquarius is inconsistent to Leo’s consistency.  However, there are none of the hallmarks of a major economic crisis in the Aquarius quasi micro-age decan as major economic crises require resonance with a larger mid-level period such as a sub-age.  The most dangerous economic times within the Aquarius quasi micro-age decan are the Capricorn nano-age overflow (Mar 2021 – Jun 2022) and the Scorpio nano-age overflow (Aug 2023 – Nov 2024).

Another factor that feeds an economic problem is the appearance of growth signs.  The Pisces nano-age overflow (Sep 2018 – Dec 2019) and Sagittarius nano-age overflow (Jun 2022 – Aug 2023) both fulfill this requirement.  The most dangerous time appears to be the Scorpio nano-age overflow (Aug 2023 – Nov 2024) following the very positive Sagittarius nano-age overflow (Jun 2022 – Aug 2023).  The Scorpio nano-age overflow also resonated with the serious Scorpio sub-age overflow (1970 – 2148) as with the Global Recession but this Scorpio period is significantly weaker and smaller indicating a relatively tame economic downturn in comparison to the Global Recession.  The doom and gloom merchants will be depressed.

On the smaller scale, June 2017 also marks some other significant changes.  The Pisces nano-age (Jun 17 – Sep 18) replaces the Aries nano-age (Mar 16 – Jun 17) but with Aries entering its Aries nano-age overflow (Jun 17 – Sep 18), expect increase conflict and international disharmony which includes the dissolution of alliances such as the breakdown of the Trans-Atlantic partnership between the Trump-led USA and Europe. The Pisces period will create another market bubble but with little or no effect in its early stages and can be ignored for the rest of 2017 and most of 2018.

Figure 2

June 2017 also marks the beginning of the Scorpio nano-age decan which should create some havoc in the Scorpio quasi nano-age decan (Sep 17 – Feb 18).  In the meantime, the Aries quasi nano-age decan (Apr 17 – Sep 17) should keep the markets bullish notwithstanding the effects of a Gulf War size regional conflict which may break out at any time. (See Take Your Pick: War or Terrorism).

The new 5 year economic paradigm commencing June 2017 should not be overlooked or discounted because it significantly changes the economic dynamic in the world.  Under the previous 5 year Cancer quasi micro-age decan, Cancer would always respond better to smaller periods that were positive and mildly truncated smaller periods that were negative.  In the new Aquarius quasi micro-age decan, Aquarius will emphasise the negative smaller periods and tend to truncate bull markets, except the occasional short lived frenzy.


Referring to figure 1, the market peak on 1 Mar 2017 coincided with positive sentiment from both the 5 month Leo quasi nano-age decan combined with the Leo and Cancer pica-age overflows lasting until mid-March 2017.  The negative influence associated with the Gemini pica age overflow affected March to April when the DJ lost over 300 points.

Since April 19 2017, it was again up, up and away except for a short and sharp market drop of almost 400 points leading to May 17 2017.  As I write this upwards tendency shows no sign of abating because the underlying sentiment from the Aries quasi nano-age remains strong until around September, though the ride could become a little bumpy the month or two leading up to September.

June 2017 Forecast

This month remains in the very strong Aries quasi nano-age decan and the underlying sentiment for the market is a bull market which is due to come to an end sometime in September 2019.  At the nano-age overflow level, it begins with Taurus and shifts to Aries, which supports a strong month for the DJI unless a war or major conflict interrupts the markets.

Traditionally June is a weak month for the markets as it coincides mainly with the Sun in Gemini.  The Fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius usually produce good market conditions while the opposite Air signs of Libra, Aquarius and Gemini produce difficult market conditions.  However, June 2017 commences with a very strong two week Sagittarius full moon (1st – 15th June), which will also want to push the markets up, especially around the full moon on the 8th of June.

There could be a pullback between the 15th and 23rd June due to a Gemini lunar influence. The final week of the month (23rd – 30th June), is influenced by the new Cancer lunar month which can bring choppiness but still with an upward trend.  In conclusion, this should be a relatively strong month for the markets which goes against the established average performance normally experienced in June each year.


The Dow Jones Peak 1st March 2017

The peak of the Dow Jones index (DJI) in the first five months of 2017 was March 1st, 2017 at 21169 closing at 21115 (See figure 1).  This occurred towards the end of the five month Leo quasi nano-age decan (Nov 2016 – Mar 2017) and taking into account that the greatest bull market of all time occurred in the Leo micro-age (1985 – 2000), Leo has again delivered positive financial outcome to the DJI (see Leo quasi nano-age decan in Figure 2).

March 2017 was probably under the influence of the Cancer nano-age overflow, and though I have assigned a ‘neutral’ status to this period, it should be noted that for the first half of 2017, the world remained in the larger Cancer quasi micro-age decan (Jul 2012 – Jun 2017) – which can be defined as a mild Post Global Recession Recovery period.

There is another technique I have recently discovered that also provides correlations to the financial markets.  This technique I call The New Lunar Astrology.  I will be setting up a blog on The New Lunar Astrology ASAP but the essence of The New Lunar Astrology is that each lunar month is broken into two sections.

For example, if we examine March 1st 2017, it occurred near the beginning of a Pisces lunar month (26 Feb – 27 Mar 2017).  In The New Lunar Astrology, the first and last weeks of any lunar month are ruled by the sign the Moon was located at the exact New Moon.  In this case, the New Moon was in Pisces (when the Sun and Moon were conjunct in Pisces). The first week of the Pisces lunar month is 26th February to 5th March and this week is therefore ruled by Pisces. Pisces is the best sign for bubbles (when Virgo reality is ignored).  The same occurred with the real estate and economic bubble prior to the recent Global Recession associated with the five year Pisces quasi micro-age decan (Aug 2002 – Jul 2007).  In the case of the Pisces lunar month, this is a much smaller influence, but it seems to have made its mark.

Another point of interest is the post March 1st DJI low on April 19th 2017 closing at 20404 – a drop of 711 points in less than two months.   This occurred on the day that the Moon left the two week influence of the Libra full moon and, in time for the day’s trading session, entered the last week of the Aries lunar month.  Libra is a difficult sign for the markets while Aries is strong for the markets, so after 2 weeks of subdued conditions, the new Aries period created a turning point sending the markets back to its normal upward projection.

The following table shows the two-part lunar month influences for the rest of 2017, which should be combined with the quasi nano-age decan and nano-age overflow from my previous post (2017 – Economic Catastrophe or More of the Same?).  This lunar influence is a mild short term influence which may provide some added insights.

Figure 3 – Lunation table for the rest of 2017

The actual transits for the DJI high on 1st March 2017 are insightful.  The following list includes all the aspects on the day with an orb less than one degree:

Jup        Opp       Ura         0°09′ A

Mon      Cnj         Ura         1°21′ A

Mar        Opp       Jup         1°39′ S

Mar        Cnj         Ura         1°49′ S

Sun       Cnj         Nep       0°25′ A

What is most noticeable is that every aspect involves Jupiter, Uranus or both!  Why Jupiter and Uranus?  Jupiter rules expansion and positivity, and Uranus rules extremes.  Combine Jupiter with Uranus and we have the archetypal soup of expansion and extremes.  In addition, a market peak is a turning point, as the market then reversed direction.  While the tight aspects on the day included only neutral conjunctions and hard oppositions, there is a total absence of positive aspects.

DJI Low 19th April 2017

The following are the transits on April 19th 2017:

Ven       Sqr         Sat          0°23′ A  (key aspect)

Sun        Cnj         Mer       0°57′ A

Sun        Tri           Nod       1°43′ A

Mer      Tri           Nod       0°45′ S

Mon      Sqr         Mer       1°58′ S  (key aspect)

Firstly, there are no aspects involving Jupiter or Uranus.  The two key aspects are Venus Square Saturn and Moon Square Mercury, both short term aspects.  The 19th April DJI low occurred immediately after the arrival of the lunar phase change from Libra to Aries only a few hours before the beginning of the day’s trading session.  This correlates to the transiting Moon being exactly square the transiting Sun, and though not shown on the list of aspects above, this square between the Sun and Moon bringing in a change of lunar signs probably created this black spot!

200 Point DJI Drop 17 May 2017

The largest drop in the DJI for many months occurred on the second last day of the tenuous Scorpio full moon period (2nd – 18th May 2016) and the moon sign on the day was Aquarius, with Scorpio and Aquarius always bad signs for the market.


Sat         Tri           Ura         0°10′ A

Ven        Opp          Jup         1°41′ A

Sun        Sqr         SNo        1°49′ A

Sun        Sqr         Nod       1°49′ A

Of the above, it is the Sun squaring the nodes that offers the greater insight as the Sun is ruler of Leo, one of the best signs for the markets, and the nodes behave in an eclipse fashion, temporarily revoking the impact of the Sun.  This aspect was only in play for about 3 days.