The demonetization of Indian currency around November 9th 2016 has been overshadowed by Darth Vader from the Evil Empire being elected president of the USA. Without going into the politics, political agenda and subterfuge involved with this extremely unusual stance by the Indian government, it is the astrological perspective that I am examining.


Every country has an astrological signature in macro-astrology, and the signature behaves like a totem pole with three to four key zodiacal signs on the pole.  I am not entirely sure of India’s exact signature, but research has shown three signs definitely are on India’s totem pole even if I am not sure of their correct order.  The three signs are Taurus, Capricorn and Leo.  Taurus is revealed in the sacred cattle, Capricorn in the caste system and Leo in Indians love of gold and of course the color feast of Bollywood.  It is the Taurus element that I am focussing upon here.

The world is in a Taurus nano-age overflow (Mar 2016-Jun 2017) – a 15 month period that followed the Taurus nano-age (Dec 2014-Mar 2016).  The overflow period is more powerful of the two.  When Taurus is strong, financial issues become more relevant.  The USA experienced this in the recent US presidential elections as the accumulated woes of a working class experiencing no real wage growth for decades finally came home to roost in the political agenda.

Nano-ages, nano-age decans & associated quasi periods

Nano-ages, nano-age decans & associated quasi periods

A Taurus period places a focus upon any Taurus archetype so this combines India with money.  The demonetization occurred in a Scorpio lunar month with Scorpio the sign most related to destabilizing value.  It also occurred on the shadow of the Taurus full moon.

The unexpected nature of the demonetization is associated with the same element that brought Donald Trump to power – Aquarius.  Shocks and unexpected developments that appear like lightning flashes are Aquarius archetypes.  The Taurus nano-age and overflow is the first nano-age of the new Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow (Dec 2014-Dec 2019-Nov 2024).  Expect many more shocks and unexpected developments in this Aquarius period.  Aquarius shifts into second gear in June 2017, and third gear in December 2019.  Aquarius is not going away, it will be getting stronger.

I will not digress into the financial implications of what this Aquarius period will mean for the world other than to say that the post Global Recession period ruled by Cancer comes to an end in June 2017 and a new economic paradigm ruled by Aquarius becomes the new focus.  Cancer was mildly good for the world economy, including the USA, and this is to be expected from any sign opposite in quality to Capricorn.  However, Cancer, by its very nature, does bring instability and volatility into the mix.

The new Aquarius economic period will be a far more interesting animal to watch.  Apart from sudden and unexpected developments such as the Indian government basically seizing about 25% of the savings of many of its citizens under the pretext of stopping corruption, Aquarius is opposite Leo, and Leo was the sign in play for the greatest bull market of all times.  Let’s just insinuate that with Aquarius opposite in nature to Leo, we are looking for the opposite of the greatest bear market of all time in the next 5 years – but not a cataclysmic recession or even an economic shock as powerful and destructive as the recent Global Recession.  The multi-century economic downturn arrives incrementally, not with massive shocks. (see All Good Things Must Come to an End)

How does Aquarius relate to India?  Aquarius sits in 4th house position to Taurus, 7th house to Leo and 2nd house to Capricorn.  Aquarius will not bring prestige or accolades to the Indian government in the 4th house position.  The 7th house brings conflict and division and the 2nd house indicates that money is an issue.

This small exercise demonstrates how the writs of the sub-periods of the Age of Aquarius interface with developments in the world.  There is one more intense period in the current  Taurus nano-age and overflow (Dec 2014-Mar 2016-Jun 2017) which is the last two to three months leading to June 2017 when the Taurus nano-age overflow intersects with a Taurus pico-age (there are twelve  5 week pico-ages in each nano-age).

Even on the pico-age level, the demonetization package implemented by the Indian government occurred in the Scorpio pico-age of the Taurus nano-age, akin to a full Moon.  What was so interesting for me with the Indian government stealing so much money from many of its citizens is its interface with the lunation cycle.

Reference: Gold Price Skyrockets in India after Currency Ban, November 9, 2016, by Jayant Bhandari