For the purposes of following the international economy in an ultra-summarized fashion, I am using as my base, the Dow Jones Index (DJ) of the New York stock exchange.  On the 29th March 2016, with the DJ around 17630 I predicted in a post[1] that the DJ would close higher in April 2016 compared to the last high of around 18,351 made in the previous year in May 2015. The market did not exceeded the 18096 peak recorded near the end of April but it did make a significant move in that direction. In another post on 2 May 2016 I predicted that the market would continue to rise in May 2016 but would then meet headwinds for a few months before the end of May.  May has seen a sideways slightly downward trend with a mild market rally at the end of the month to 17,873 which is mildly continuing in early June.

DJ Graph

In the above graph, the market bottom on February 11 coincided with the very negative Gemini blip in February (see the table below).  This was followed by the neutral Taurus blip and very positive Pisces blip with both blips covering March, April and May.  At the same time, market conditions improved (see the above DJ graph) though late April, May and into June show basically a sideways movement.  There is a possible reason for this sideways movement.

Start Straddle 5 Month Blip
Nov 2015 Dec 2015 Virgo Leo
Jan 2016 Taurus Cancer
Feb 2016 Taurus Gemini
Mar 2016 Apr 2016 Taurus Taurus
Apr 2016 May 2016 Taurus Pisces
Jun 2016 Sagittarius Aquarius
Jul 2016 Sagittarius Capricorn
Aug 2016 Sagittarius Sagittarius
Sep 2016 Oct 2016 Sagittarius Scorpio
Oct 2016 Nov 2016 Leo Libra
Dec 2016 Leo Virgo
Jan 2017 Leo Leo
Feb 2017 Mar 2017 Leo Cancer
Mar 2017 Apr 2017 Aries Gemini
May 2017 Aries Taurus

Currently there are two countervailing forces in play.  At the smallest level I can identify within the Age of Aquarius, the negative influences of the 5 week pica-ages (blips) should push the DJ downwards for about the next 10 weeks due to the two adjoining Aquarius and Capricorn blips (shown in dark blue in the above table).   However, on the nano-age decan level, the Sagittarius nano-age decan enters its potent upper half of the bell curve in June (sometime) for 5 months.  This will propel the international economic situation in an upwards direction, especially from August 2016 onwards.

In the meantime, there is a struggle between the downward blue blips and upwards (red) Sagittarius. Sagittarius will ultimately win this war but it may have to struggle until its time of glory begins in August.  From September all the way to April 2017, the small blips are all negative but the 5 month nano-age decan influences remain strongly positive.  This will not be an out of control boom or bubble, but it is a sure sign for bull market conditions and positive international economic factors.

What else can be expected in the months ahead?  The main game for the next 5 months is Sagittarius, which sits within the Taurus quasi nano-age until November 2016 (see table below).

Nano-ages, nano-age decans & associated quasi periods

Nano-ages, nano-age decans & associated quasi periods

The over-riding 5 year economic influence remains with the Cancer micro-age decan until June 2017 – only one year away!

This Cancer influence has seen China basically running the international economic situation for the last 4 years.  This will definitely continue but the Sagittarius period in operation for the next 5 months stimulates (Cancer) China’s 6th house of health.  This suggests that China’s economic ‘malaise’ may continue unless of course we see a pronounced increase in employment opportunities in China.  If the malaise continues, the boost in world economic conditions over the next 5 months must come from somewhere else other than China.

Cancer rules real estate and it has been reported that the US housing market has recovered all its losses from the recent Global Recession and that it is currently outperforming the stock market.  By 2009, real estate had lost $12 trillion but post 2009 real estate has increased by $33 trillion though there has been a reluctance by homeowners to increase mortgages.  The current growing Sagittarius influence may see even further gains by real estate and may be the source of the coming economic optimism.

What else does Sagittarius do in the next 5 months?  Firstly, it stimulates Pisces America’s 10th house and so the US leadership role or position in the world is temporarily enhanced.  Alternatively, the US presidential elections just becomes the main game in town, and considering the wild card thrown up by Donald Trump, the ebb and flow of election outcome predictions may take the international attention.  The experience of seeing the conservative Republican Party in the USA self-destruct is not an everyday occurrence.

The formation of the US Republican Party in 1854 will see its first major astrological anniversary between June 2017 and September 2018.  At its formation the two dominant signs at the micro-age level were Cancer and Gemini, and currently the two strongest signs at the same level are also Cancer and Gemini.  However, with Sagittarius the main sign leading to the 2016 presidential elections, Sagittarius promotes the 6th house of illness to Cancer and stimulates conflict and opposition with Gemini.

The US Democratic Party was established around 1828 making its major influences the signs Leo and Cancer.  Its first major astrological anniversary was June 1991 to September 1992 which covered most Bill Clinton’s revival of Democratic Party fortunes in the presidential office of which he was elected in November 1992.  The current Sagittarius influence does not resonate with Cancer well but works well with the Democratic Party’s Leo credentials.

Sagittarius also stimulates Pisces-Aries Europe so it is hard to see a Brexit by the UK with Europe’s stature expected to increase under Sagittarius.  However, an elevated 10th house in Europe is the same as promoting conflict with its 4th house base (the 4th and 10th houses are in opposition).  Europe’s base is its members so the push by some in the UK to exit the European Common Union is timely.  Of course, Sagittarius Australia should experience a mini-boom. The airline industry should also have a buoyant time, and aircraft sales should increase and more travelers head for foreign lands.

Gemini regions are in 7th house conflict mode in a Sagittarius period, and the countries identified to date with Gemini are the Koreas, Iraq and Syria – nothing new here. We can expect deterioration in some or all these countries in the coming months.  The arrival of the 15 month Aries quasi-nano-age in November 2016 means that war and heightened military conflict is again at the world’s doorstep, but this will become a much greater issue by mid-2017.  This coming Aries period has the same status of the previous Aries period allied to the invasion of Iraq by the USA and its allies, so we can expect some conflict of similar proportion developing next year.

Virgo countries will be at their lowest status under Sagittarius.  Virgo regions and countries include:  north-western Europe in general, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Netherlands and France. Gemini is the sign of cities, and so for some reason, cities may get into unusual conflict or disagreement in the next 5 months.  The most famous Gemini city is London, so sparks may fly.

The mining fall-out continues with all the mining gains of last decade now lost.  With Capricorn ruling mining in general, a 5 year Cancer period brings no joy.  Furthermore, Sagittarius sits at the dreaded 12th house position to Capricorn mining indicating that the current growing optimism may not make it to the miners and there may be some spectacular mining bankruptcies still to come.

Nevertheless, Sagittarius in general is a very positive economic sign and so we should see the temporary return of economic optimism, positive conditions and good fortune in the world. We should expect one or more reasonable dips in June and July as the background Cancer influence remains potent, and Cancer prefers a volatile market.

To get a handle on all these strange micro, nano and pico-age periods etc see Age of Aquarius for Dummies at

[1] FaceBook Financial Astrology group