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Peabody Energy, the world’s largest coal company, has just gone bankrupt as a result of the imploding US coal industry.  The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April 2016.  Peabody has been around since 1880 after starting out in Chicago with just a wagon and two mules.  Ten years ago, coal (ruled by Capricorn), provided fully half of America’s electricity.  Hundreds of coal-fired power plants have gone out of business in recent years due to alternative energy sources. US coal production has nosedived by 36% since 2008.[1]

The major Australian steel and mining group Arrium, which formerly operated as mining giant BHP’s long steel products division, has collapsed into administration in April 2016.  The cash-starved company had struggled to come up with alternative proposals acceptable to its bankers.  Arrium, formerly known as OneSteel, has been hit by the plunge in iron ore and steel prices over the past two years.[2]

In addition to Peabody and Arrium, Energy XXI Ltd[3] and Paragon Offshore[4] have also filed for bankruptcy in April 2016. Energy XXI is the largest publicly traded independent oil producer on the Gulf of Mexico shelf.  Paragon is the latest casualty of an oil market that has fallen more than 70 percent since June 2014.

In Taurus & the Panama Papers published on 7th April 2016, I stated:

Certainly we can expect some major bankruptcies

We can expect even more bankruptcies.  Whenever a 30 month Taurus nano-age and overflow appears, we can expect a significant rise in financial issues.  Furthermore, in this 30 month period, it can be divided into 4 sections, and of the four sections, the third of them is the most potent.  The world is currently in the most potent section of the 30 month Taurus nano-age and overflow (March – November 2016).

The Taurus nano-age & overflow

The Taurus nano-age & overflow

Interestingly, this 30 month Taurus period is occurring within a larger Cancer period (the Cancer micro-age and overflow February 2001 – December 2014 – November 2029) and coincidentally, the world is in the most potent third quarter of this Cancer period (December 2014 – June 2022).  Cancer is opposite Capricorn, the sign for mines and the sign for coal.  Anything associated with Capricorn is in ‘detriment’ in a Cancer period.  This is how macro-astrology works.  Every period has correlations to unfolding events

Also, Cancer is the sign of monopolies and it is a distinct possibility that the massive drop in oil prices is an attempt by the major oil producers to strangle their competitors.  In my post Virgo Leading into Taurus on 12th December 2015 I stated:

What has caused the plunge in the oil price?  The USA has doubled domestic oil production over the last 6 years so established international oil producers have had to find new markets and drop their prices due to the surplus of oil.  In parallel, many economies remain weak post the Global Recession thus reducing the demand for oil.  Cars are also slowly becoming more fuel efficient.  The oil-producing countries such as Venezuela, Iran, Nigeria, Ecuador, Brazil and Russia are the major losers. Persian Gulf states have considerable financial reserves to tide them over.  It is believed by some conspiracy theorists that the USA and Saudis want to hurt Russia and Iran by lowering the oil price.  For example, plunging oil prices in the 1980s helped bring the Soviet Union to their knees.

The monopolistic practices of large oil producers is also probably in effect as the current five year Cancer period ( July 2012-June 2017 ) promotes monopolistic practices as Cancer is always associated with monopolies (monopolies behave like some giant amoeba sucking in all obstacles in its way as it grows to an enormous size).

How long will oil prices remain depressed?  Judging by the fact that as the end of 2014 approached, oil prices seriously deteriorated indicates it is associated with the current 5 year Cancer period that commenced in July 2012. Furthermore, the USA commenced doubling its oil production 6 years ago (around 2009) but our current Cancer five year period sits upon a number of larger Cancer periods. It is unlikely the current turmoil in the oil and commodities will end before June 2017 at the earliest.

See the full Taurus & the Panama Papers

The heat remains high for further major bankruptcies until November 2016.

These bankruptcies, associated with the current Taurus nano-age overflow, is a preview of times ahead.  The first nano-age of every 15 year micro-age (there are 12 nano-ages in every micro-age) is the same as the following 15 year micro-age.  The first nano-age in the current Gemini micro-age is the Taurus nano-age.  The current Gemini micro-age (Dec 2014 – Nov 2029) will be followed by the Taurus micro-age (Nov 2029 – Sep 2044).

The current financial crisis in the world associated with a fragile coal industry, falling steel and commodity prices, the international currency war and threat of expanding deflation is a minor prelude to a much greater financial disaster in the decades ahead.  The worst will appear in the third quarter of the full Taurus micro-age and overflow (2029-2044-2059) which will stretch from 2044 to around 2051).  The years 2036 to 2044  ill also be financially volatile.  However, there is no single major financial calamity in all of the current 21st century comparable to the Great Depression of the early 20th century.  The financial uncertainties of the 21st century will be incremental but all following the same theme – the world is accelerating towards a major period of contraction including population and economic contraction (see All Good Things Must Come to an End).

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