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The Panama Papers read like Who’s Who of world power.  My interest in the Panama Papers is not about the possible immorality involved including possible unethical behaviour and perhaps even illegal behaviour.  My interest is that it is about money.  Money is ruled by Taurus.  Taurus is strong in the world at present for one very clear reason.  The world entered the 15 year Gemini micro-age in December 2014.  Each 15 year micro-age commences with a 15 month nano-age.  The current Gemini micro-age commenced with a Taurus nano-age (December 2014-March 2016).


Due to the overflow effect, the Taurus nano-age then overflows into the following Aries nano-age but the Taurus momentum is stronger than Aries, and so this following period can also be labelled the Taurus nano-age overflow (March 2016-June 2017).  The complete Taurus period is then the Taurus nano-age and overflow (Dec 14-Mar 16-Jun 17).  This however, is a wave and can be divided into four sectors similar to the four phases of the monthly lunation cycle.  Evidence consistently demonstrates that the third phase is the strongest.  The third phase of our Taurus wave is March to November 2016.  This is where we expect to see the greatest manifestation of Taurus in the complete wave created by the core Taurus nano-age.

With Taurus we expect money and financial issues.  Certainly we can expect some major bankruptcies, but we can also expect anything associated with financial issues to be pushed up the totem pole of noticeability.  Corporations and rich people holding large sums of money in former pirate enclaves now converted into seamy tax havens has all the hallmarks of Taurus.  But it gets even more interesting.

Believe it or not, these small nano-ages have 12 pica ages of approximately five weeks each which including their overflow period cover a span of ten weeks.  These also behave like waves.  The strongest pica age in April 2016 is the upper 50% of a Pisces pico-age wave.  Pisces rules deceit and deception plus islands.  It has been noted that Panama is often used as a transit point for many other tropical tax havens with a preference for islands such as the Seychelles, Channel Islands, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands and Singapore.  This is the first incidence in my research where I have found synchronicity between a minute pica age and nano-age, in this case the Pisces pica age and Taurus nano-age.

Nano-ages, nano-age decans & associated quasi periods

Nano-ages, nano-age decans & associated quasi periods

Expect more noticeable shenanigans involving Taurus up to November 2016 at least.  The current worldwide currency war being orchestrated by central bank interest rates, corruption and other scandals associated with banks, bankruptcies and so on should figure more than normal in 2016.

There is more to the current Taurus nano-age and overflow than expected.  The first sub-period in any period is a preview of the next period.  The Taurus nano-age is the first sub-period of the current Gemini micro-age, and so this Taurus nano-age is a preview of the much larger and more powerful Taurus micro-age and overflow (2029-2044 and especially the period 2044 to 2059 in its overflow period).  Why will there be financial turmoil in the world in that timeframe, especially from 2044 onwards?  Because the Developed World is running out of money due to the long term economic contraction that is commencing this century and will last a few centuries. [see All Good Things Must Come to an End.