In response to Michael Mansfield’s query in the Financial Astrology Facebook group on March 8 2016:

Do any of you see any particularly strong astro-causal factor for today’s BIGGEST EVER one day jump in iron ore prices?

I would like to say I predicted “the BIGGEST EVER one day jump in iron ore prices” reported on March 7, 2016 but I only picked the change in sentiment that would occur in March 2016.  The last sentence of my WordPress post, Any More Bubbles Need Bursting?, on 19 September 2015 stated:

With Sagittarius on the horizon (arriving around March 2016), economic positivity should return – especially in the second half of 2016.

The forensic investigation is actually far more informative and detailed when using macro-astrology for this analysis as March 2016 is the month that displays the greatest change in dynamic in the 15 months to March and there will not be anything of equal significance for another 15 months.

The reason for the rise in iron prices in early March 2016 is clearly evident and not due solely to Sagittarius.  The main reason for the rise in iron prices is that March 2016 commenced the new 15 month Aries nano-age and Aries is the sign that rules iron.  Expect the drums of war to be furiously beating in about 7 months as the last Aries nano-age saw the idiotic invasion of Iraq.  Aries periods always display greater than normal acts of war, violence and destruction.

However, within the 15 month Aries nano-age are its three decans, and the first decan is Sagittarius.  The Sagittarius nano-age decan and overflow (Mar 16-Aug 16-Jan 17) brings economic good fortune.  Even though the first quarter of all periods in macro-astrology is always the weakest of the four quarters, there is usually a very early indication of the manifestation of the archetypal energy aligned to the sign of the period.  In this case it was “the BIGGEST EVER one day jump in iron ore prices”.

The Sagittarius nano-age decan and overflow will pick up speed mid-way through the first 5 months, but peak in August 2015 with everyone jumping up and down with glee while the world economy temporarily goes into a fit of exuberance.  Unfortunately the Aries nano-age also seriously picks up speed only one or two months later and so we can expect sabre rattling and some world leaders again behaving like hairless chimps screaming for someone’s blood.  However, this should coincide with a peak in iron prices

The following graphic of these nano-ages, quasi nano-ages, nano-age decans and quasi nano-age decan is provided as a tool to visualize how the layers of the onion operate deep down within each astrological age.  Any change with any of these periods corresponds to changes in world economic conditions.  The change in March 2016 just stands out due to the arrival of the Aries nano-age and Sagittarius nano-age decan.

Nano-ages, nano-age decans & associated quasi periods

Nano-ages, nano-age decans & associated quasi periods

Why didn’t I predict the dramatic increase in the iron price?  Firstly, I wasn’t paying attention to iron prices.  Secondly, I don’t place my primary focus on financial astrology and thirdly, I still find it hard to believe that these miniscule periods deep within ages have such strong correlations with worldly events.

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