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Yesterday I listened to an interesting talk by Satyajit Das, former banker and author of “A Banquet of Consequences” , “Extreme Money” and “Traders, Guns & Money” on negative interest rates and the possibility this will lead to the abolition of cash.

Imagine a bank that pays negative interest. Depositors are actually charged to keep their money in an account.

It’s already happening already in some countries like Japan, parts of Europe, and America is now thinking of it. However if negative interest rates prevail, people will no longer put their money in a bank, but instead will literally store it under a mattress. The next idea for the central bankers is the abolition of cash.[1]

However, my interest in this radio program is that according to Satyajit Das, no matter what central bankers do, they are failing to produce a suitable recovery following the recent severe Global Recession.  Basically, it is always assumed that whenever a downturn occurs, a recovery follows.  This mindset is so ingrained, that bankers merely lower interest rates and encourages government to spend more money and the recessionary conditions abate and flourishing economies return.  But this is not happening!

Why is the post Global Recession recovery so patchy and small?  This is where the astrological ages can play their part in astrology providing a perspective not available from any other form of astrology.  To understand the present conundrum, it is necessary to understand economic bubbles such as the real estate and economic bubble before the Global Recession.  In a bubble, people throw their money in the ring so as to not miss out on the plunder.  Furthermore, no one seems to be able to comprehend that the bubble will not go on forever.  This mass hysteria has been repeated time and time again and the behavior is always the same.  If you are not a pig at the trough in a bubble, you are missing out.

However, there are bubbles, more bubbles… but then there are BUBBLES. The world has been on a gigantic bubble for centuries.  This gigantic bubble is associated with the booming sign of Sagittarius associated with the Sagittarius sub-age decan and overflow wave (1612-1791-1970).  The second half of every ‘wave’ is always about twice as strong as the first half so while economic output and population started to significantly increase in the Sagittarius sub-age (1612-1791) it was during the more powerful Sagittarius sub-age overflow (1791-1970) that population and economic output went ballistic.

This exponential increase in output and population is not permanent but this is incomprehensible to most people as once they join the roller coaster of a bubble, it is inconceivable that it will ever come to an end. But it is coming to an end, and the recent Global Recession was the first nail in the coffin of the excesses of the last few centuries.

Since 1970 the world has been in the second half of the Scorpio sub-age and overflow wave (1791-1970-2148). Scorpio not only does not rule expansion and good fortune, it rules pruning the bush, contraction, minimalism and financial insecurity.  The momentum of the Sagittarius sub-age overflow (1791-1970) has continued past 1970 but only for so long because Scorpio WILL have its day and it expressed its intentions clearly with the recent Global Recession associated with the Scorpio quasi micro-age decan (Jul 2008-Jul 2012) which resonated with the Scorpio sub-age overflow to create the worst economic turmoil since the Great Depression.

How long will the momentum of the expansionary Sagittarius sub-age and overflow carry on?  Not very long at all, and in fact, it is being curtailed now.  Why?  Because the Scorpio sub-age overflow (1970-2148) co-exists with the new Libra sub-age.  The new Libra sub-age has three sub-age decans and the first one is the Gemini sub-age decan and overflow (1970-2029-2089).  Gemini is opposite in nature to Sagittarius and will therefore put a stop to the expansionary Sagittarius momentum with the main period for this opposition from 2029 to 2089.

However Gemini is slowly growing in strength as you read this.  The first quarter of the Gemini sub-age decan and overflow (1970-2000) is the weakest quarter and any effect from Gemini was either unnoticeable or minute.  2000 marked the beginning of the second quarter and this is the period where Gemini hangs out its shingle and means serious business. First there was the collapse of the dotcom bubble then the Global Recession.  The strongest quarter for Gemini is the third quarter (2029-2049) where economic contraction will be in full swing but there will not be a focused recession like the Great Depression.

However, there are intermediary Gemini stepping stones in the current second quarter because in December 2014 the Gemini micro-age (Dec 2014-Nov 2029) arrived upping the Gemini ante.  The arrival of the Gemini micro-age decan (Nov 2024) will further increase the growing intensity of Gemini.  Upon arrival of November 2029, the world is staring down the barrel of a 60 years anti-Sagittarius period.  This is a serious reversal of centuries of virtually unbridled expansion.

The present and future economic contractionary influence will not be universal around the world but primarily affecting First World economies because since the arrival of the Age of Aquarius in the 15th century, the First World has been at the leading edge of the Aquarian age which like the wake of a boat, fans out to the rest of the world.  The contractionary process will also fan out to the rest of the world but for some time, it will appear that the First World will be falling behind while the Developing World appears to forge ahead unabated. This is only a temporary condition because once each Developing World country starts to catch up to the First World, it will also commence its contractionary process.  This has recently started in China even if it only starts with a decrease in the growth rate.

This scenario should be expected as what goes up comes down, and what goes down comes up.  It is part of the natural cyclical process associated with much of physical reality that astrology is so well equipped to calibrate. People may be dumbfounded that the crazy exuberance of the Sagittarius sub-age and overflow should come to an end, but this is what is happening.  This does not mean there will not be short and medium term bubbles or positive economic conditions in the rest of this century, just that the conditions for contraction will be slightly stronger leaving a net contractionary process.

A contractionary period does not spell societal doom and gloom.  Japan has been leading the world with its deflationary economy and there is no associated societal breakdown.  There will be winners and losers in the coming centuries. This is a good time to get into the pruning business!  The Scorpio sub-age overflow (1970-2148) will be leading the world into a sustainable economic and low polluting paradigm.  There is no place for free rides on economic bubbles in the period ahead.  However it will be a different world as capitalism has a very hard time if markets are not constantly expanding.  This is why multi-national cigarette companies had to swarm over Asia, Africa and the Developing and Third World in the face of a contracting market in the First World. The earlier you understand where the world is heading, the greater your ability to thrive as you will not invest in industries that will be going over the cliff.  Sustainable and green industries will not be going over the cliff, neither will the IT industry plus any industry associated with Scorpio.


Will cash become obsolete under Scorpio?  Most likely as money is ruled by Taurus and Scorpio is the opposite sign to Taurus.  Don’t hold on to your bank shares forever as banks are also ruled by Taurus.  However, Leo rules the 10th house of status to Scorpio and therefore suggests that gold will have a significant role as this century plays out.  The Roman Empire survived an even stronger Scorpio event compared to the current Scorpio sub-age overflow.  There will be winners and losers under Scorpio and so you will need to hone your Scorpio skills of perception, regeneration and renewal.


[1] http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/latenightlive/negative-feelings-about-interest-rates/7218562